Dress (All Purpose Dressing & UV Protectant) Tan Color - Vanilla Scent




Dress is a versatile product that can be used on a multitude of surfaces including rubber, plastics, and finished leather.* Dress produces a clean matte finish and restores color and luster by penetrating the surface and drying to the touch. Dress also has strong Ultra Violet Blockers, that with consistent use will prevent fading and cracking. The rich aroma of vanilla is pleasant to work with and will leave your car smelling fresh and clean.

*Do not use on open leather such as suede or similar material.



Use on clean surfaces only. For optimal results, use Cleanse to remove any dirt or grease prior to use. Do not use directly in sunlight. Protect any areas you do not want the spray to touch. Spray liberally onto clean microfiber and wipe the panel to be dressed. With a clean microfiber, quickly wipe until completely dry. This product will not air dry by itself so it must be completely dried in order to achieve desired results. For Tires: Spray liberally onto a foam applicator or sponge and apply an even coat to the tire. Wipe off any excess from the wheel. Dress can be used on vinyl, leather, plastics, and rubber. Do not use on unfinished leather such as suede or cloth fabrics.